Oracle VM Guest Inaccessible

So, I attempted to log into my Windows XP or Sabayon guest accounts on my Oracle VirtualBox this morning only to be confronted with the following error message, "PCDATA invalid Char value." The message continues, "'/home/myemeat/.VirtualBox/Machines/Evil Empire XP/Evil Empire XP.xml', line 41 (16), column 138," and my Evil Emoire XP.xml file is attached. The Sabayon file looks pretty much the same.

Any suggestions, thoughts, criticisms, etc.?

Linux Usability

Hi everyone. My area of interest is in usability and seeing wider use of linux among non-technical users. However. my experience has shown a lot of resistance to linux due to non standard user interface and functionality. Also, most users who have tasks to complete don’t care about things like sudo and root.

I have found that Ubuntu, Linux Mint and Puppy to be among the easiest to understand but there are still issues with them that many users don’t understand. Many of these issues are system and app installation, setup and incomplete configuration (no flash or codecs included).

Anyone have any success stories about getting non-techies to use Linux? What distros? How much training? How much ongoing support?

Ubuntu Server and the Enterprise

Any opinions on how long it will take Ubuntu Server to catch up to RedHat or CentOs in terms of Enterprise readiness?

Short list of things missing:

* real-time server kernel
* lvm tools
* ease of ldap authentication client integration, current tools are terrible

Those are the ones that are bugging me the most at work currently...

Intel 945 graphics and 9.04

Has anyone else had problems with 9.04 and Intel 945G graphics drivers?