REI Systems Job Fair

Update to information in the earlier announcement...

There are over 45 positions to be filled and here are just a few of them:
 Android Application Developers
 Application Programmers
 Business Analysts
 Database Development Engineers
 iPhone Application Developers
 Java Developers
 Linux System Administrators
 Principal Engineers
 Quality Assurance Engineers
 Report Developers
 SharePoint Developers
 Software Engineers
 Systems Security Administrators
 Web Designers

Check out the earlier announcement below for more information. REI does development with both Microsoft and open source systems, so if you have any skills either way, it may be worth your time to take a look.


Beginning MySQL

A guide to the one of the best open sources databases in the world!

MySQL for the beginning administrator

MySQL is one of the more popular Open Source database systems. It takes a unique approach to data management by using a SQL front-end and separate data engines on the back-end. This book will focus on installation, configuration and management of MySQL for the beginning and junior systems administrator.