Novalug is looking for a new meeting space!

"It appears that Novalug is moving on from the fantastic site provided by Oracle in Reston due to reasons beyond our control. We need your help in finding the next meeting place, so if you know of one or know somebody who may be willing to donate space once per month(1st Saturday) please contact us on the mailing list." --John W Quoted from the mailing list: "...FEEL FREE to contact places on my behalf. 1) Free use of space 2) Saturday morning from 9:45am - 1pm is ideal 3) We are a non-profit and can give them something for tax write off if needed 4) We would like space for 30 @ a minimum (20-40 is typical size) Anyone who is affiliated with a school or place w/ a stage works. I have a projector and screen (old time 8mm screen)." --Greg Sign up for the Mailing List!

PHP "The Rambling Guide"

Various code tricks, techniques, snippets, puzzles, bugs, inconsistencies, patterns and other such stuff.

Content Creation Requests

Please post all requests for content creation here.

Beginning MySQL

A guide to the one of the best open sources databases in the world!

Changing your default site theme and/or your blog theme

After registering an account with the site, you may decide you want to go with a brighter theme than the default. So the site has been populated with about a dozen alternative themes that you can set from your user account.

To do this:

  1. open the "My Account" menu
  2. select the edit option above your account information
  3. scroll down to the theme area of the settings and select the radio button of the theme you want
  4. scroll to the bottom of the page, and hit the save button

Your default theme is now changed whenever you log in.

NOTE: You may have trouble viewing all of the "extra" content with a non-standard theme.

How to use the NOVALUG website

This book covers how to use some of the sophisticated features of the site.

How to log in with OpenID

So OpenID only provides authentication in it's simplest form, that is, it validates a password... that's it, finito, end of story, EOL. The novalug site is built on Drupal, which requires a username and email address as well as a password for an account. So the process for first time logins is as follows. 1. Click the OpenID link in the login block. 2. Enter your OpenID login string (example: [email protected] [another example:]) 3. You'll be redirected to that OpenID providers page to enter your password. 4. The OpenID provider redirects you back to, which throws errors because it doesn't have an email address from your OpenID provider and the OpenID provider(in the case of Yahoo) has fragments(data elements) in the identifier URL, which Drupal tries to assume is the username, but the fragments are deliniated by special characters not allowed in the username registration process of Drupal... so it errs partially.

Website Issues

Please let me know of any problems you have with the website either here or on the mailing list.