'No-cost' SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for VMware users

Wanna run more enterprise Linux with enterprise support, but having to find creative ways to fund it? You may already be entitled to it...

If you have VMware vSphere for your hypervisor, you may be able to get SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for VMware at no additional charge (talk to your VMware rep for details)... SLES for VMware can be used to run an unlimited number of Guest VM's on that VMware host. It is an entitlement of your VMware maintenance (SNS), which means you can save $$!

Get more info and try it out at this website: OR

Press Release:

MS FUD vs OpenOffice

This Microsoft video has a scary amount of FUD... but it does beg the question of why they felt compelled to make an entire video about it. Eroding marketshare?? I do think that it's pretty clear that many of the folks in the video with quotes were clearly not using an enterprise-version of OpenOffice. That is where it sounds like most of them went wrong...

The items they mentioned such as macros, file interoperability, page formatting, and getting support are all directly addressed by enterprise-supported versions (such as the Novell edition we make). If you wouldn't use "free Linux" for your mission-critical servers, why would you do it for your office productivity suite? Just doesn't make any sense!!!

Job Opening - Falls Church, VA

Will be at a technical resource, personable, presentable, must have some experience with Storage Technologies. (SAN/NAS)

This will focus on Linux based SAN storage.

Participate in implementations for NetApp installs.

Will work to configure wwitching environment: Configuring SAN Switches, both Fibre and/or iSCSI.

SAN EXPERIENCE (Should be able to speak to the following technologies):


Allocating Disk space for different servers

Backup strategies
DR Strategies

SAN experience with any product will do.

PREFERED SKILLS (Not required):

Virtualization VMware, or Citrix.

Last Call DC - What's new in SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 11 SP1

If you're interested in finding out what's new and exciting in the latest rev of SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 11 SP 1, we're hosting a free event at the Novell office in Tysons Corner, VA on June 16.

  • Update to the latest Xen 4.0
  • Official support for KVM
  • Built-in integration with Hyper-V
  • Improved high-availability
  • First enterprise Linux distribution with an updated 2.6.32 kernel
  • Takes full advantage of the latest Intel technologies
  • Various desktop improvements

If you can't make it we're also offering in various cities, and even as an online 2-part series later this month.

REI Systems Job Fair

Update to information in the earlier announcement...

There are over 45 positions to be filled and here are just a few of them:
 Android Application Developers
 Application Programmers
 Business Analysts
 Database Development Engineers
 iPhone Application Developers
 Java Developers
 Linux System Administrators
 Principal Engineers
 Quality Assurance Engineers
 Report Developers
 SharePoint Developers
 Software Engineers
 Systems Security Administrators
 Web Designers

Check out the earlier announcement below for more information. REI does development with both Microsoft and open source systems, so if you have any skills either way, it may be worth your time to take a look.


Senior System Administrator (Linux) - Washington, DC

We currently have a Long Term Contract to Hire opportunity for a Lead System Administrator (Linux) with our client located in Washington, DC

Our client a Fortune 500 media company is developing software to make the TV viewing experience more personal, intuitive, searchable and customizable. The client work environment is very casual and a cool place to hang around and be surrounded by technical professional who are passionate about their work and congregate to bounce ideas off each other.

Job Description
• will be primarily responsible for supporting the large enterprise/Hosting environment that provides production customer web presence.
• Will be responsible for providing production & development support for the installed hosting systems infrastructure.
• Provide technical, functional & administrative consultation & support for projects, initiatives and inquiries.

Google Wave Notes, (1) Extension Types

Google Wave in it's current release version appears to support two types of extensions:
  • Robots: Apps that run outside the wave, and are contacted by the wave (mono-directional).
  • Gadgets: Apps that live inside the wave and have shared state between wave participants.
For robots the extension libraries are predictably in Python and Java and currently only use the Google App Engine as their application server. The Gadgets on the other hand are written in HTML, CSS and Javascript, are subject to a public display condition and work primarily on the "wave" object (shared state). [personal note] This offers an interesting set of tools for a developer to create extensions, which are claimed to be first class citizens within the wave. It's reassuring that there is mention of how development has not kept to the standard API's but is mostly compatible with them. This may either mean a forking away from standards in the future,

Presentation materials from Novembers iPhone presentation by John Franklin

Here is the bundle of stuff that was presented at the November meeting including the step by step PDF. See attached file.