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Novell Now Offers SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 10 & 11 on Amazon Web Services

Novell Now Offers SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 10 & 11 on Amazon Web Services
BOSTON (LinuxCon)
12 Aug 2010

Novell today announced that Amazon Web Services (AWS) will offer hourly based pricing and support for SUSE® Linux Enterprise Server.

Customers and independent software vendors (ISVs) of all sizes will have the ability to run SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 10 and 11 on Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) paying only for the hours they use. The new offerings will be available in all instance sizes and in every AWS region around the world. In addition, Novell will provide a maintenance service on AWS so customers can keep their SLES instances up-to-date with Novell's most current security patches, bug fixes and new features.

Full press release

'No-cost' SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for VMware users

Wanna run more enterprise Linux with enterprise support, but having to find creative ways to fund it? You may already be entitled to it...

If you have VMware vSphere for your hypervisor, you may be able to get SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for VMware at no additional charge (talk to your VMware rep for details)... SLES for VMware can be used to run an unlimited number of Guest VM's on that VMware host. It is an entitlement of your VMware maintenance (SNS), which means you can save $$!

Get more info and try it out at this website: OR

Press Release:

MS FUD vs OpenOffice

This Microsoft video has a scary amount of FUD... but it does beg the question of why they felt compelled to make an entire video about it. Eroding marketshare?? I do think that it's pretty clear that many of the folks in the video with quotes were clearly not using an enterprise-version of OpenOffice. That is where it sounds like most of them went wrong...

The items they mentioned such as macros, file interoperability, page formatting, and getting support are all directly addressed by enterprise-supported versions (such as the Novell edition we make). If you wouldn't use "free Linux" for your mission-critical servers, why would you do it for your office productivity suite? Just doesn't make any sense!!!

Last Call DC - What's new in SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 11 SP1

If you're interested in finding out what's new and exciting in the latest rev of SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 11 SP 1, we're hosting a free event at the Novell office in Tysons Corner, VA on June 16.

  • Update to the latest Xen 4.0
  • Official support for KVM
  • Built-in integration with Hyper-V
  • Improved high-availability
  • First enterprise Linux distribution with an updated 2.6.32 kernel
  • Takes full advantage of the latest Intel technologies
  • Various desktop improvements

If you can't make it we're also offering in various cities, and even as an online 2-part series later this month.

Appliances and SUSE Linux

Novell announced through a press release today that the long awaited SUSE Studio is finally available for production use, along with a host of other capabilities and tools to help make it easier to develop appliances based on SUSE Linux Enterprise. These offerings include:

  1. SUSE Studio Online - web-based appliance building tool
  2. SUSE Linux Enterprise JeOS - micro foundation for SUSE based appliances
  3. SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for Amazon EC2 - you can now run SLES on the Amazon EC2 cloud
  4. Go-to-market support for ISVs
  5. Technical preview of the SUSE Appliance Toolkit

Full press release

Debate over Mono

There's a long running "discussion" about whether Mono and apps written in .NET/C# should be included, nay- used, in Linux. Apparently, Richard Stallman doesn't think so... [Thanks to Slashdot for the reminder] He doesn't really go into the details as to why, but rather appears to be using his "status" to be enough justification to his argument.

If you are open minded and not simply a Microsoft basher, check out this fantastic explanation on Why Mono Doesn't Suck to hear the other side of the story. Then make up your own mind.

Me? I love my Tomboy!!

Linux Foundation Unveils New | The Linux Foundation

Check out the newly launched site run by the Linux Foundation. It would be nice if their vision came true...

SAN FRANCISCO, May 13, 2009 — The Linux Foundation (LF), the nonprofit organization dedicated to accelerating the growth of Linux, today announced the formal launch of The Foundation took over stewardship of the site in March, at which time it began soliciting input from the community to help define the new via its Ideaforge web tool. Today, it unveils the results of that input and a new online home for all things Linux.

The new will connect Linux users and developers, and by showcasing their skills through its guru listing, will connect individuals to jobs and collaboration opportunities. Instead of a static information site, the new will empower the Linux community to share its knowledge, get questions answered, download the right software and find hardware to solve problems.

MY first NOVALUG blog post

Just an initial blog post on Novalug from me to help get my blog started. I seldom get to attend meetings due to time demands of my family and kids, but I do lurk and participate (when I can) on the listserv. Maybe someday...

I really love using Linux, as I've been using Linux for years, but don't consider myself an expert, especially when comparing my OSS skills and knowledge to most on this list. My expertise is more in the business uses of Linux, as I deal with a variety of customers in that space daily.

About me -- I work for Novell in the Data Center solutions group, supporting a handful of strategic solution provider partners (mostly on the east coast). We focus on Novell products such as SUSE Linux Enterprise Server and PlateSpin management tools. If you ever have questions on that front, feel free to ask me.