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So I goofed around with Blendar and made this:

Unfortunately, you cannot upload video files to our web site - so you'll have to download it from my dropbox account.

Mark Metz to Present Basic Photo-editing in GIMP at the July FredLUG Meeting

I just wanted to let anyone who wasn't aware that there is a LUG in Fredericksburg and I'll be presenting some basic photo-editing in GIMP at July's meeting.

This will be different than the content I showed at NOVALUG in January.

Check out the link for the July FredLUG MeetUP

I encourage you to join MeetUp and RSVP if you plan to attend.

OpenShift for Development by Peter Larsen

On June 14, 2014 the monthly meeting of NOVALUG featured Peter Larsen, Senior Solutions Architect from Red Hat, speaking about OpenShift. Peter is a regular at NOVALUG, and cameraman for the NOVALUG Google Hangout for most presentations. He was performing a dress rehearsal for his talk at next week's South East Linux Fest in Charlotte, NC.
Peter explained that OpenShift is a user-friendly, easily-deployed platform as a service (PAAS). A little over two years ago the creators of Origin, the open source code for OpenShift, asked for feedback about their PAAS and feedback they got. Backed by Red Hat the product became a way to support a development community, negating the need for resources and the knowledge necessary to maintain an independent development platform.

Kaveri's Potential

I have a lot of respect for AMD because over the years they have come up with a number of true innovations, leaving Intel (sometimes the whole industry) to play catch-up for a bit.  The x86-64 architecture (a.k.a. AMD64) provided backwards compatibility to the 32-bit x86 instruction set when Intel was ready to move on with Itanium.  AMD followed up by baking the memory controller in the CPU.  When paired with HyperTransport, this gave multiple CPU servers significant performance enhancements while still providing memory coherency.

Their current line of processors -- dubbed APUs -- merge the CPU and GPU into a single chip, trying to leverage that integration to better performance.  Up until now, the two might live on the same silicon, but there was still a high wall between them.  In the latest generation, codenamed Kaveri, AMD has merged the GPU and CPU in a tightly unified architecture called HSA.

Vector Graphics using Inkscape - 11 January 2014 NoVALug Meeting

On Saturday, 11 January 2014, the regular monthly meeting of NoVALug started, as usual, with an interactive monologue by Greg, bringing us up to speed on various current events topics. Most notable was the recent establishment of an association between Red Hat and CentOS. Greg filled us in on his take on the “What's in it for Red Hat?” side of the discussion, with input from Peter and others in the group. Then we got on to the main topic of the meeting – Inkscape.

Temporarily stopping execution in scripts

One of our junior sys admins told me he was trying to figure out how to modify his monitoring script during maintenance windows (the monitoring script is called automatically by the monitoring agent on the box.) I told him to use a "stop file."

At or near the top of your script (a simple bash script,) put a block like this:

if test -f /tmp/do_not_run

echo "Ok"
exit 0


Then, during maintenance windows, create the /tmp/do_not_run file and the script will simply exit without attempting to perform any actions against the system. When the maintenance window is over, remove the file and everything goes back to normal.

Katello Project MGT Systems Software

"Similarly the Katello project will be an upstream component of the CloudForms product. We first announced the Katello project and the future of Satellite at the 2011 Red Hat Summit."

Resize photos with Ubuntu Linux package nautilus-image-converter

Test box: Ubuntu Linux Gnome. Install: sudo apt-get install nautilus-image-converter Photo: Select the photo and place it in a new folder. Right-click on the photo --- scroll down to option "Resize Images" and select 800x600.