Objective-C Basics

The first thing you need is to set up your build environment. For most of these examples, you can use any OS that supports GCC. If you're running on Mac OS X, install the development tools and you're done. For Ubuntu or Fedora, install the appropriate compiler packages and any dependencies. On Ubuntu, the build-essential package works well. For Fedora, install the Developer Tools grouplist and the gcc-objc package.

You'll also need the Foundation framework libraries and headers. Ubuntu keeps these in the libgnustep-base and libgnustep-base-dev packages. Fedora calls it gnustep-base-devel. Fedora also requires the gcc-objc package on top of the Developers Tools grouplist.

If you already know 'C', then you have a good basis for Objective-C. As the name implies, Objective-C is an extension of C, much like C++ is. Here is our first example source file example1.m:

LVM Presentation

In the spring I did a NovaLug presentation on LVM. The attached power-point gives an overview of how LVM is constructed and how to use the basic features of LVM.

On iPhone Development Demonstrations

I'm going to be presenting an iPhone programming demonstration at the November 2009 NoVaLUG meeting. Yes, I know that this is a Linux Users Group, and there's not much open source about the iPhone, but it does derive from some open source material: OpenStep, which lives on today as GNUStep. Now, gentle reader, I know what you're thinking. "If GNUStep is the current open source version of OpenStep, why don't you demo development with GNUStep?

FOSE 2010

The federal open source software conference is around the corner and we are recruiting volunteers to organize and sponsor the local user groups. You can check out the conference here FOSE. If you can help please comment below this story or hit up the mailing list.

The Guardian Angel Linux (G.A.L.)

http://www.silicon-safari.com/gal.php announced that compiled
the Guardian Angel Linux (G.A.L) - a portable full featured operating system with a complete set of Applications, etc.

also they promised, in a few weeks time, that a GAL ISO will be released and mirrored on NOVALUG’s web site - seems, it isn't present here still now;

may be some one knows there I can find / download G.A.L ISO image?

thanks in advance

Polling Option now available

There was a recent request to have the ability to create polls to post questions to the NOVALUG audience, so we have gone ahead and enabled that option for all registered users.

You will be able to create/edit/delete your own polls and set time limits to the polls.

If anyone has any question or problems about using the polls feature or any other parts of the NOVALUG website please post your questions on the forums or the mailing list.

I recommend the Forums on the site as it is an excellent place to have "OT" discussions. (just my humble opinion)

Mailing List DOWN

The mailman server is DOWN. We hope to have a new server up very soon.

October 10, 2009 Install/Tweak/Share Event! (Reston Library)

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Install, Tweak, Share!
Date: 10 October 2009
Time: 10 a.m.
Location: 11925 Bowman Towne Dr, Reston, VA (Reston Library)