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Cross compiling, emulation and virtualization

Meeting Info
Eric Johnson
5/10/2014 10:00am - 12:30pm
1881-F Metro Center Drive
Reston, VA 20190

How do you test Linux?
How do you build your own distribution?
How do you build code to run on another machine?

In this lecture, I plan to answer these questions by introducing the theory and practice of cross compilation and virtualization, as well as discuss the ingredients and questions to ask for creating your own Linux distribution. All of the examples use free, open source software (FOSS) that is readily available in many existing distributions. But, since Linux is very much a hobbyist community, this lecture will focus on a doing-it-yourself (DIY) approach (this doesn't have to mean _by_ yourself).

3 steps to building your own Subsonic Media Streaming Server Linux Mac Wins

Steaming Server Software You can install on Linux, Mac or Windows. You can select the package or the standalone package. Instructions: Our test box: Centos server -->| java-1.6.0-openjdk | subsonic4.6.rpm | open firewall on centos | Login on port 4040 | set router port-forwarding for streaming outside your network| Upload Media: SSH to your box to upload your media files to the server. Mobile App: To stream to your device.

Interest in an Apache Camel presentation at NOVALUG?

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Installing Fedora 16. Video demo on virtualbox.

Video demo of setting up Fedora 16.

Open source web conferencing Big Blue Button

This is an open source version of web conferencing, similar to Webex. They have a vmware image of this at

LAMP w/app turn-key in 5 min

These turn-key LAMP stacks come in a variety of applications. Download the vmware image and run it. Once you learn the application flow, you might want to build it from on a fresh LAMP VM image, or customize your own version. If you want to move to production, pay Bitnami a monthly fee and run their customs builds in Amazon ec2.

Eclipse/IDE presentation

This is the presentation used for the meeting June 11th 2011.

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