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Meeting Info
Stuart Gathman
5/14/2016 10:00am - 12:00pm
Nova Labs II
1916 Isaac Newton Square W
Reston, VA


  • *Introduction*: Purpose and Terminology
  • *Background*: Quick Overview of CGA, DHT, and source routing
  • *Installation*: Installing cjdns and building if needed
  • *Practices*: Be careful who you peer with

As a VPN:

NoVaLUG Site Survey

Over the next few months, we'll be upgrading the NoVaLUG website to Drupal 7.  As part of that update, we'll be looking at the everythign from the look and feel of the site to the features on the site to integration with other services.

As part of that update, we'd like some feedback from you, the NoVaLUG community, about what is good about the site and what is not so good, what you find useful, and what you find to be lacking.

This survey has five free response questions.  You may answer any or all of them.

What is your preferred desktop?

What is your preferred OS for a server?

Logo Design

We are looking for a logo. Please submit your ideas. If you aren't artistic, talk with a friend who is. We will use the logo on the website and make it available for purchase on items (at cost).

Temporarily stopping execution in scripts

One of our junior sys admins told me he was trying to figure out how to modify his monitoring script during maintenance windows (the monitoring script is called automatically by the monitoring agent on the box.) I told him to use a "stop file."

At or near the top of your script (a simple bash script,) put a block like this:

if test -f /tmp/do_not_run

echo "Ok"
exit 0


Then, during maintenance windows, create the /tmp/do_not_run file and the script will simply exit without attempting to perform any actions against the system. When the maintenance window is over, remove the file and everything goes back to normal.

Katello Project MGT Systems Software

"Similarly the Katello project will be an upstream component of the CloudForms product. We first announced the Katello project and the future of Satellite at the 2011 Red Hat Summit."

Resize photos with Ubuntu Linux package nautilus-image-converter

Test box: Ubuntu Linux Gnome. Install: sudo apt-get install nautilus-image-converter Photo: Select the photo and place it in a new folder. Right-click on the photo --- scroll down to option "Resize Images" and select 800x600.

3 steps to building your own Subsonic Media Streaming Server Linux Mac Wins

Steaming Server Software You can install on Linux, Mac or Windows. You can select the package or the standalone package. Instructions: Our test box: Centos server -->| java-1.6.0-openjdk | subsonic4.6.rpm | open firewall on centos | Login on port 4040 | set router port-forwarding for streaming outside your network| Upload Media: SSH to your box to upload your media files to the server. Mobile App: To stream to your device.